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 The Israeli Living Ethics association believes in social change, empowerment, education and unites individuals from different cultures and religions together

The Living Ethics approach to life is a synthesis of various subjects and implements the ideas of the International Peace Convention

The Living Ethics association in Israel acts for social change and individual empowerment around the country and unites people of different cultures and religions

The Israeli Living Ethics association exists over 20 years as its members are socially active

The Center of Education and Culture by the name of E. Bendersky

Within the center there are concerts and cultural nights, music, lectures, courses, workshops and study groups of the living ethics approach, guided tours to discover the cultural heritage of Israel.

יום התרבות

Evolving education and multi-culture in children and teenagers


At the center of arts and creation there is three main ranges: Nicolas Roerich’s paintings, exhibitions, paper miniatures workshop and gallery of creation of the association members.

The International Day of Culture

The international day of culture is celebrated in various countries around the world, and is based on the international peace pact - Pact Roerich. The purpose of this day is mutual cultural enrichment and peace promotion. 

Peace in a way of culture

Activities to promote peace and multi-culture among us by the education for culture, as institutionalization of the international day of culture in Israel

Art and creation activities

Living Ethics association assists education systems and parents to effectively deal with complex problems of the youth, and activates projects and enrichment programs

Gallery of chosen paintings shown in the association exhibitions around the country

By the well known painter Nicolas Roerich

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